Ex Libris Designs

Bookworm Offset vinyl sticker


Bookworm has got to be one of the coolest nicknames in the English language. I mean, come on. Yes, I've heard that it may have originated as an insult, but I think it's safe to say that readers everywhere have now embraced it as a compliment.

P.S. As seen on BookRiot, "it isn’t just in English that you’d wear a label if you...consume words the way you drink water: as if it is necessary for survival. No, in Danish, they’d call you a reading horse. In French, the decadent ink drinker. In German, you’d be a read-rat, a Romanian library mouse, an Indonesian book flea. Across the world, if you are a devourer of books, there exists a term for you that says: you are an animal who needs to eat, your food is words and you are insatiable." How cool is that?